Chromatography software

We have been developing chromatography software for more than 30 years, and Clarity is our third generation of this product. It is software for data collection, processing, and instrument control. The Clarity ecosystem consists of:



The Clarity Chromatography Software product line features software for the acquisition, evaluation, and presentation of chromatographic data from any chromatograph.

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Clarity is a chromatography data software for data acquisition, processing, and instrument control in regulated environment.

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Clarity Lite

Clarity Lite provides data acquisition from one chromatograph with an analogue output. Simplified and inexpensive solution for a non-regulated environment.

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Clarity Offline

Clarity Offline allows users to evaluate data and prepare methods in a regulated environment.

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Upgrades to Clarity

It is always possible to upgrade from Clarity Lite or any outdated DataApex software. As you upgrade to our latest Clarity product line, regular updates are available for free.

Control modules

Control modules are software licenses that provide interfaces for chromatography devices such as MS, GC, and HPLC systems, autosamplers, and valves. These modules allow direct control, monitoring, or data acquisition from selected devices in the Clarity environment. See the complete list of all supported devices.

GC control

The GC control license unlocks all gas chromatography control modules available in Clarity. Direct control of gas chromatographs generally involves control of the oven temperature program, inlets, detectors, valves, and others, such as time-based events.

LC control

The LC control license unlocks all liquid chromatography control modules available in Clarity. LC control license allows direct control of LC pumps and their gradients, a broad variety of LC detectors, valves, and thermostats (column ovens).


AS control

The AS control license unlocks all autosampler control modules (LC, GC, and headspace autosamplers) available in Clarity. It allows direct control of injection routines, such as injection and washing parameters. Autosamplers can be controlled in both measurement modes - sequence and single analysis.


Extensions are software modules that enhance the possibilities of Clarity Chromatography software. Extensions add features to Clarity that are specific to a given type of analysis (e.g. GPC) or for a specific task, such as SST enabling the Performance Qualification.

PDA - Photodiode Array

Extension for 3D data analysis from Photodiode Array Detectors.

MS - Mass Spectrometry

Clarity Extension for processing data that has been acquired from selected Mass Spectrometry detectors.

GPC - Gel Permeation Chromatography

Extension provides interactive and automated GPC analysis, including recalibration and GPC reporting, as well as simplifies the retrieval of GPC data.

SST - System Suitability Test

The SST extension serves to monitor the correct function of the chromatography system.

EA - Elemental Analysis

The extension for elemental analysis.

CE - Capillary Electrophoresis

Extension for Capillary Electrophoresis.

NGA - Natural Gas Analysis

Extension for Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Data Processing.

DHA - Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis

Extension for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis. It allows the determination of individual components in spark ignition engine fuels.