General sales conditions

1. Price

Prices are invoiced according to a valid pricelist. Prices are EXW (Incoterms). Prices do not include customs fees and delivery charges.

2. Country of origin

All DataApex products are developed, manufactured, and shipped from the Czech Republic. The third-party products are clearly marked.

3. Delivery term, transport

Products are shipped within 5 business days after product payment has been received. We most often use DHL as our forwarding agent.

4. Warranty, support

The length of warranty for all DataApex hardware is 3 years. Warranty includes the replacement of broken or inoperative parts but does not cover the replacement of parts which have been damaged due to user negligence, misuse, or mishap. In cases where the equipment used is not manufactured by DataApex, liability is limited to the warranty provided by that manufacturer and is not covered by DataApex.

All registered users are eligible to receive our free-of-charge online support.

5. Software

Software is provided on USB media or electronically. A printable version of software manuals (PDF format, English version) is included on each USB installation media. The manuals are also available online in the Downloads section at Printed versions of relevant quick-start manuals are included if goods are shipped physically. Software is available in several languages and language is determined by a purchased license serial number (D076).

6. Software License

Each Chromatography Software requires a Hardware Protection Key (dongle) or A/D card for software versions older than 2.4. A loss of Hardware key (or A/D card for version older than 2.4) is considered as a loss of the license rights and a new license has to be bought in such case.

A part of a license is a user code that defines a configuration of chromatography software and is unique for each Hardware Protection Key. The Control module or Extension license is valid for all bought Instruments within one Chromatography Software and they are non-transferable to another Chromatography Software license. Chromatography software can be run only when a Hardware Protection Key is present.

7. Supplier's statement

CSW™ and Clarity™ Chromatography Stations are exclusively developed by DataApex.

8. Payment term

Advanced payment is required for purchase. Standard payment is generally made by bank transfer, where all bank fees are paid by the purchaser. Every underpayment is considered a debt. Alternative payment methods must be approved in writing by DataApex. A penalty of 0.4% weekly interest will be charged to parties who are delinquent in their payment of an invoice.

9. Bank account information

Citibank Europe plc, Bucharova 2641/14, 158 02 Prague 5, The Czech Republic

USD 5100854006/2600 IBAN: CZ81 2600 0000 0051 0085 4006
EUR 5103781009/2600 IBAN: CZ04 2600 0000 0051 0378 1009
CZK 5005061008/2600 IBAN: CZ20 2600 0000 0050 0506 1008

Swift code: CITICZPX

10. Company information

DataApex s.r.o.

VAT reg. number CZ 16949374
Company address Na návsi 24, Lety 252 29, The Czech Republic (invoice to address)
Offices Petržílkova 2583/13, 158 00 Prague 5, The Czech Republic (ship to, correspondence address)